How Do You Read

Writers write but they also read.  How do you read as a writer?  Do you finish every book that you start?reading

I don’t.  When I mentioned this to my critique group, I was suprised to find out just how fickle I am compared to some of the others. 

A book has 10 to 20 pages to grab my attention.  If I’m not quite hooked, I may skip ahead and see if things have improved.  Is there more action?  More dialogue?  Is there some sign of a story problem?  That the main character has gotten off their duff? 

If what I read deeper into the story hooks me, I keep going.  If not, I close the book and drop it into the blue denim bag that I carry to and from the library. 

The only exception is if I need to read a particular book, perhaps because it is research for something I’m writing or because it is for our Book Club at Florissant Presbyterian Church. 

Why read things that bore me?   One of my writing buddies feels that she’s made a commitment, a promise to the author, even if she got the book from the library.

Not me.  Apparently, I read like our target audience.  Catch me quick or I’m off to do something else.   I might even fold laundry although I’d much rather read a good book.