Why Bother Writing

With publishers letting staff go and the burden of making time to write, you may wonder why you bother.  Why write?  Why not just eat and watch TV? 

Assuming you could find something to watch and that the kids haven’t eaten all the best munchies, you write because you love to do it.  You write in hopes of giving a child a moment like this with your book or magazine piece.

The book is 19 Girls and Me by Darcy Pattison.   This is the Chinese translation.  In spite of the fact that I only know about five non-food words in Chinese, I got so caught up in the excitement that I had to run and get my copy and read along with him.   Clearly, HeiHei adores this book and nothing is better than sharing it with his parents and all of us too.  

This is why we make time to write.  To bring this type of joy to a child.  Bringing joy to his parents isn’t bad but look at how happy he is.  How do you beat that?