Permission to Not Do Something

Recently I read about a fellow writer’s New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead of picking things to do, she had chosen several things not to do.  She got rid of things she didn’t enjoy. 

Wow.  What if I could free up a whole day to write each month?  Just by getting rid of something I don’t like. 

I noodled it over.  Laundry?  No.  We’d run out of clothes and Missouri is far too cold in the winter for even partial nudity.  Housework?  No one would complain.  But eventually the junk left on a dresser or table would slide off on top of someone.  Most likely me.  Then I looked at the calendar.  I already have three committee meetings scheduled this year.   Think, think, think.    Could one of them go?

I am notorious for hating meetings.  But right before Christmas, a church meeting was cancelled and I was disappointed.  The people on this committee are upbeat.  They’re fun.  They get things done and help each other out.   They’re friends.  We actually get together and do things other than have meetings.

Obviously, not all committees are like this.   I decided to get rid of a committee that is pretty much the opposite of this one.  Do I do good work for this group?  You bet I do.  But I don’t need a meeting to do it.  And this meeting wears me down between the phone calls (I’m sure he didn’t mean that) to the in-meeting sniping.  The sure sign that I made the right decision?  When I told the committee chair, I burst out laughing.  I apologized for laughing but I just felt so good having made this decision.  Not only will I save about 5 hours a month (almost a work day), I will also save the energy that is sucked away each month. 

Energy I am already putting into my writing.

So, what could you get rid of to free up some writing time?  I bet you can find something if you try.