Give Yourself (Fill in what makes you happy)

Is there something that you do that makes you happy beyond all reason? 

For me, its looking at knitting and crocheting books, blogs and magazines and dawdling at the Yarn Shop at the Historic Meyer House.   Shopping for beads is good too.   As is origami paper.  But yarn, knitting etc is the best.   And this is from someone who adores books.  But there is something about yarn and making things with it that is like chocolate or really good coffee.  I think it has something to do with texture and color. 

I don’t get it, but I do accept it.   Whenever I have what some people call writer’s block,  I pick up my knitting or my crochet even if it is right in the middle of my work day.  “No, no,” I can hear some of you hollering.  “Get back to your computer.   Otherwise you’ll just give up.” 

Stuff and nonsense.  A few rows of knitting or a round of crochet and my writing problem starts to work itself out.  I can see where I’ve force my main character to do something that is frankly out of character.   The error in organizing my how-to is now obvious.  Back I go to my desk and all is well. 

What can you do to reward yourself for a job well done?  To make you goofy happy?   To help you refocus?   Figure it out and you can help your writing flow. 


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