Give Yourself the Joy of Giving

If funds are tight, especially at this time of year, it can be really hard to focus on your writing. Instead, you focus on what you don’t have. An abundance of cash.

If you can’t donate to the charities you usually give to this time of year, you might be able to share with someone who needs what you have.

Last month I cleaned five stacks of books out of my office closet and three out from under my desk. Two boxes of these books now fill the shelves in a teacher’s classroom. She lost her previous classroom library in Hurricane Katrina.

Don’t know someone with such an obvious need? You can find people in your community who need what you have through  Freecycle ( Link to a group in your area and begin receiving posts abut items that people need. You can also post your items that need new homes. We gave away a wading pool and four enormous railroad ties. My son gave away a large box of Bob the Builder toys. “Mom, you can’t find these in the stores anymore but the tv show is still on. This will make some kid really happy.”

Why not share some of what you do have? In return, you may find the perfect idea for a story.


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